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“Or am I holding myself?” a talk with Cesar Brodermann Part 2

“We only have 10 more minutes before you need to be at work and we haven’t even gotten to talk about your latest film!” I bemoaned. Packing up my things I said, “You know what? I’ll walk you there. We gotta keep talking…” “What are some motifs you’ve found emerging again and again in your work?” “I’m always interested in humanity and touch. Relationships and people. I think we’re fascinating, we’re crazy, we destroy each other but we can also love each other. In NYC we forget to look at each other on the street or give a smile, we’re all just running in life and then life is over. That’s it. But that cannot just be it. In this newest film I study patience. I love bringing abstraction or surrealism to human behavior because sometimes the world is too heavy. Why not put a pink background on it? I want to bring people inside a different world. I’m interested in taking risks on a daily basis. Even if it just means changing your route …

One Year later: Part 2

Melani DeGuzman is a professional dancer, choreographer, producer and teaching artist. If you’ve ever wondered how to move into a new city successfully– find a community that support you and your art, make a living doing work you love and stay focus on pushing your craft, than Melani is an example to follow.  Here’s Part 2 of our interview. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: getting paid as an artist. I believe we’re at a crossroads and have to find different ways to cultivate our skills (and get paid). We need to have backups. It can be fitness, teaching movement, teaching artist… but it has to be something flexible that allows you to leave on tour or juggle 8 different projects. Its also important to attract the right people who will pay you to help them with their work. Its important to believe in yourself as an artist, but also believe in your ability to help other people make their vision come to life and be paid for that. You have to value yourself first. …

One Year Later: Melani Part 1

Melani DeGuzman is a professional dancer, choreographer, producer and teaching artist. This fall I got a chance to sit down with Melani in Central Park, celebrate her one year anniversary since moving to New York City and dig into some of the amazing things she’s been able to accomplish in that time [Choreographing a music video, so-producing a show, teaching at dance residencies across the country etc… etc….]. The list is LONG so hold onto your socks. This is a two-part interview.